Concrete is a mineral material highly valued for its technical performance and raw aesthetics. Its solidity derives from various state transitions that take it from being powder to viscous liquid to compact element.

Ductal® UHPC Concrete

Il Cantiere manufactures artifacts with the innovative UHPC Ductal® concrete patented by LafargeHolcim, a multinational group leader in the production of construction materials resulting from the merger between the French giant Lafarge and the Swiss giant Holcim. Il Cantiere is the first company in Italy, holding the exclusive license since 2007 for the processing and transformation of UHPC Ductal® concrete.

UHPC Ductal® concrete is composed of a mix of ultra-fine natural mineral components and organic (non-metallic) fibers, which ensures exceptional strength and flexibility. It allows for the use of a much lower amount of cement for the production of an artifact and achieves thicknesses up to five times thinner than traditional concrete. The characteristics of UHPC Ductal® concrete are unique: compression, flexural strength, abrasion resistance, porosity, fire resistance, and freeze/thaw cycle resistance values are all tested and certified. This enables the use of UHPC Ductal® concrete to obtain all product and work certifications required by individual country regulations.

Distintive features

The remarkable ductility of UHPC Ductal® concrete allows it to perfectly match to the most complex molds created by Il Cantiere, enabling the achievement of shapes and surfaces capable of replicating existing materials or experimenting with new unexpected solutions.

A fundamental characteristic of Il Cantiere’s production with UHPC Ductal® concrete is the mass coloring, which ensures the persistence of the original color even when artifacts are exposed to atmospheric agents, pollutants, and abrasives.

The exceptional manufacturing capability of its mold division enables The Construction Site to obtain smooth horizontal and/or vertical surfaces without the need for subsequent mechanical and manual treatments after demolding the artifacts.

Technical performance

Compressive strength
115/150 Mpa

Up to 130 Mpa or 8/10 times higher than that of normal concrete

13/16 Mpa

+ 50% greater than normal concrete


Product lifetime up to 100 times higher than that of normal concrete thanks to the unique compactness of the composition and weathering agents resistance.


10 times less porous othan high quality granite: water (even the sea water), fine dust and pollution do not penetrate into the matrix composition

Freeze/thaw cycles

Freeze / thaw cycles –thermal temperature shock -irrelevant sunlight


Higher than high-quality granite


Class A2 (non-combustible) of the European Standard EN 13501-1 / Class 0 (non-combustible) of the Italian Legislation / class M0 (incombustible) of the French Legislation