At Il Cantiere, we oversee the development of the project from concept to finished product. We analyze technical and design requirements, suggesting the best solutions tailored to each product. With us, you can design slabs, supports, and small accessories. Finally, we provide the necessary assistance throughout the entire life of the artifact.


Together, we analyze the idea, define the key points of the project, and perform an initial feasibility analysis.

Tech 3D Analisys

We present the project to our technicians and shape the product solutions, packaging, and accessories. We share the development with the client and prepare the estimated budget.

Colors & Finishes

Thanks to our creative department, we accompany you in choosing colors and finishes: with the help of our team, you can invent your own custom color and finish.

Shape & Technology

From the three-dimensional project, we move on to the prototype and subsequently to the creation of mold components. Once assembly is completed, we carry out initial tests and certify the suitability of the finished product.


We enter the mass production phase. Our artisans implement the techniques developed during the prototyping phase to achieve the aesthetic performance of the product.

Sealant, Corrections, and Quality

The product is ready to be worked, perfected, and protected according to the chosen method. Quality Control at this stage evaluates compliance and authorizes packaging.

Delivery or Pick up

We package the finished product and ensure it is delivered according to the agreed timelines. We guarantee that it is handled correctly throughout the journey, following a proper logistics planning process.